AutoKT | Help us make manually documenting a thing of the past

Has this happened to you?

You join a project, there is no documentation.

You spend time understanding the codebase and decide to document it,
but in the face of Scrums filled to the brim with bug-fixes, feature requests and enhancements,
there is no time and the cycle continues.

We are here to break this cycle.

And we need your help!

AutoKT automates writing/updating documentation as your codebase changes.

Our goal is to change the responsibility of a developer from being the writer of documentation to just an editor, if that.

We proud ourselves to be #fordevelopersbydevelopers and we want to make sure that our product caters to the problems that matter to you.

That is why we want to here from you, please book a slot below for a call with one of our co-founders so we can take you through the product and discuss how we can make it better for you.

For all developers, who take out time from their busy schedule to talk to us, we will also extend their free trial from 30-Days to 3 months.

Hoping to hear from you soon!

– The AutoKT Team