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AutoKT i.e. Automatic Knowledge Transfer takes care of writing and updating your documentation so you can do what you do best, build cool things.

bandwith is money

In an agile workplace, bandwidth spent is money spent.

Which is why it becomes difficult to assign developer hours to writing and maintaining documentation in the face of bugs and feature requests.

This just leads to more documentation to write /update and more time spent in knowledge transfer.

AutoKT is here to break this vicious cycle.

No more staring at a blank page

Empty pages.
Blinking cursor.
Not Anymore.

✓ AI Writer

✓ Code2Doc Writer


The notice period is the worst time to think about knowledge transfer.
Yet most companies only focus on knowledge transfer when offboarding. This is counter productive for both the team and the individual

AutoKT reverses the process by maintaining the documentation in sync with the code changes.

AutoKT also allows anyone to directly query the documentation and clarify any questions a new developer may have making knowledge transfer truly async.


Diving into legacy code used to be a nightmare. With AutoKT, I can easily understand and navigate through old codebases. It’s like having a roadmap for code that was written long before I joined the team!


SDE || @ Codenation

The Query feature in AutoKT is a game-changer! I no longer have to spend hours trying to recall or find specific documentation. A quick query and I’m back on track, making context switching between projects a breeze



I used to dread writing documentation. But with AutoKT’s AI-powered documentation writer, most of the heavy lifting is done for me. It’s like having a co-pilot that understands my code and helps document it.


Technical consultant @ Peak XV Partners 

With AutoKT, our documentation is always up-to-date, automatically! It’s incredible how this has streamlined our knowledge transfer process. No matter when code changes are made, the entire team has access to the latest documentation, ensuring we’re all on the same page.



Faster onboarding

An always updated documentation that can be queried makes it easier to onboard new teammates!

AI-Powered Documentation Writing

Our AI Documentation Writer makes the role of the user from a writer to an editor.

Across Organisation Context

Our Query engine takes into account the documentation across repositories and projects.

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Is my codebase secure?

Yes, we do not save any code and our Github integration only has read access.

What integrations do you support?

Currently we support Github, but we are constantly working towards adding other integrations. Currently Gitlab and Bitbucket are in the development pipeline.

What if I don’t use Github?

You can still use the majority of our features, like AutoKT AI Documentation writer and the AutoKT Query Engine that lets you Query your entire documentation knowledgebase.


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