Your codebase is always evolving.
So should your documentation.


A developer centric

documentation engine.

We at AutoKT understand that while important, writing documentation is a hassle that most developers would rather not do. (We confirmed with our developers too 😅).

Additionally, documenting code is a long term benefit that takes a backseat in a dynamic developing environment where shipping features and fixing bugs is a priority (and rightly so).

#How do we help?

The AutoKT Engine hooks into the lifecycle of development to update the documentation as the code changes making sure that your documentation never gets stale and there is no loss of context due to developer churn.

>_ sync => generate => approve => query



This is when the magic starts.

The AutoKT Engine integrates with your version control hub to hook into the lifecycle flow of development

Whenever a code change is pushed the integration will analyze the code change and pass it to the generative engine


– Code modified

– Code added



The secret ingredient

The generative engine takes in account the code with the context of the overall repository structure to generate documentation for the file.

There are primarily two events that trigger the engine.


– Code change

– On user demand



An assistant that learns

No one understands your code better than you.
The final say is always yours we just remove the hassle.
The AutoKT engine lets you see all the changes in the updated documentation in a familiar fashion using a diff viewer.

Moreover it learns from your approvals and updates its output.


– diff Markdown viewer

– Feedback loop



Coming soon

All your approved documentation is then also stored as vector embeddings that allows anybody to query over them providing an easy to use interface to ask questions regarding your codebase for any new member on the team.
This saves the dev hours of both the new and old members.


– Semantic search

– Context aware LLM

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Do you store the code you document?

No, we do not save any code on our server, we only use a Github App to read the code while generating the documentation, furthermore our Github App only asks for read permissions. At no point any of your code is store on our servers.

What integrations do you support?

Currently we only support Github integration to track the code-changes. However you can use our documentation writer to document your code even if you use a different versioning system.

Can I create documents that are not linked to a code file?

Yes, we do offer a document editor that integrates generative AI allowing you to document code and also use LLMs to write documentation that is not linked to a code file.